As you most likely already know, reports of Harrison Ford's involvement in the upcoming J.J. Abrams-directed 'Star Wars: Episode 7' came out a while back followed by a statement from George Lucas saying that him, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill were all in negotiations. Plus even Ford himself said he "thinks" it's a sure thing -- but that's apparently all he has to say on the matter and he won't discuss it further. Seriously.

According to EW, the film star has been ducking questions left and right while making the press rounds for his upcoming Jackie Robinson flick '42,' where he plays Brooklyn Dodgers President Branch Rickey. Naturally people would rather hear about any and all details on 'Star Wars: Episode 7' instead, but when Ford was asked about it, he said, "Um, I don’t even want to discuss that. It’s great. Ain’t it great?"

Talk about a man of few words -- when asked about his feelings on the 'Star Wars' spinoffs, he said, "I don’t feel anything at the moment yet." (Gettin' sassy.) When asked if he chatted recently with Abrams, his response was, "About what?" (Gettin' sassier.) And even in regards to any sort of reaction towards Lucas' previous statements, the star made the zipping-my-lips sign. (The sassiest.)

Just for fun, perhaps now every journalist who gets the chance to speak with him will poke and prod as much as they can to see if Ford will get fed up enough to make a scene. No, we joke, though it would be cool to see him go all 'Indiana Jones' on someone. Still, now it looks like all information on the 'Star Wars' front has been locked away, at least as far as Ford is concerned.

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