Though we're still waiting for actual casting announcements for 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' another big aspect of the new Disney-run Lucasfilm is the idea of multiple 'Star Wars' films a year. And though we've heard about spin-off movies for some of the characters, the latest rumor is that the popular 'Star Wars' video game 'Knights of the Old Republic' may be brought to the big screen.

The return of 'Star Wars' rumors reminds of the late 1990's, when 'The Phantom Menace' was in production, and those hardcore fans who grew up with the original trilogy would read any rumor and know that it was likely false.. but just might actually have a grain of truth to it. So a sense of Déjà vu is heightened by the fact that this 'Knight of the Old Republic' rumor comes from Harry Knowles at Ain't It Cool News, which was the best site for getting 'Star Wars' scoops back in the day.

Alas, what Knowles is going on is thin. Drew Karpyshyn wrote 'KOTOR' (as the fans call it), and left the gaming industry to pursue his career in screenwriting. Unless Knowles knows something he's not sharing, the logical leaps to suggest Karpyshyn has been tapped to write 'Knights' for the big screen are large. We're back in the wild, wild west of 'Star Wars' rumors. That said, it wouldn't surprise us if some form of 'Knights' was coming to the big screen.

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