MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — The state of Montana has revoked 85 specialty license plates that have not been chosen or renewed by at least 400 drivers in the previous year, the state Motor Vehicles Division said.

The license plates discontinued in January include some whose extra fees raise money for high school booster clubs, several high schools, animal shelters, youth sports leagues, environmental groups and other nonprofit groups.

The Bitter Root Humane Association has 377 plates on the road, said treasurer Linda Williams. So for being 23 plates short, the association will lose the approximately $7,000 the license plates brought in, Williams told ABC Fox Montana.

The Humane Society of Western Montana faces the loss of about $10,000 in annual funding, said development manager Katie Hofschield.

A law passed by the 2019 Legislature to limit the number of specialty plates allows people with discontinued plates to keep them until it’s time to renew their registration.

The state Motor Vehicle Division will review plate sales annually.

Organizations with discontinued specialty plates can re-apply four years after their revocation date. If approved, they have three years to get 400 plates on the road.

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