Montana has a reputation for rugged individualism. That's great, but it doesn't necessarily mean that all of us look or dress like mountain men/women. In fact, we've got our share of hotties. Last year we told you about a covered-in-tattoos Billings beauty named Ashleigh Nading, who competed for a chance to get on the cover of Inked Magazine.

Meet the model and single mom of three teenagers.

Today (5/26) it came to our attention that a woman from Laurel is in the running to be on the cover of Maxim magazine. Her name is Tamee Ward, and she's a  36-year-old mom of three who works at CHS refinery. As of today, Tamee is holding her spot in the quarter-finals of the online competition to land on the magazine's cover. Ward was born in Carbon County and grew up in Ohio. Life's journey landed her some modeling gigs with the MGM Agency out of New York before she came back to Montana 21 years ago.

Take a listen to her story below.

Courtesy Tamee Ward, used with permission
Courtesy Tamee Ward, used with permission

Tamee doesn't seem to be one of those models who is afraid to get dirty or break a nail. After all, she is a Montanan. As seen in the photo above, she and her family love hunting and the outdoors. She's also an avid roller skater, something she's enjoyed since childhood.

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Ward needs your help to win the Maxim cover shoot. You can vote online HERE. You can vote once per day for free. You can help stack the ballot box by making a donation to Homes for Wounded Warriors, a fantastic organization, using the same link.

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