The two individuals wanted by Missoula County authorities for the robbery and attempted homicide of a man who was shot and left to die on I-90 have been arrested in Seattle, Washington. 

Missoula County Sheriff's Captain Brad Giffin said on Monday, that Troy Anthony Miller and Katherine Grace Evans were arrested without incident at a motel in Seattle.

"The Pacific Northwest Task Force of Seattle arrested Miller and Evans at a motel in Seattle this afternoon," Giffin said. "The two were arrested on warrants of attempted deliberate homicide and robbery issued by the Missoula County Attorney's office."

Giffin said the warrants were issued after an unidentified man in his 30's was shot twice and left by the side of I-90 last Wednesday night between Clinton and Turah.

"The arrests were made at about 2 this afternoon, Giffin said. "Detectives from the Missoula County Sheriff's Office are headed to Seattle this afternoon to conduct interviews with both Miller and Evans. The Missoula County Attorney's office will determine the proper charges to be filed and begin the extradition process to bring the suspects back to Missoula."

Captain Brad Giffin

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jordan Kilby is the prosecuting attorney in this case. She said on Monday afternoon that the suspects will first appear before a judge in Seattle.

"At that hearing, the will have the option of waiving extradition, meaning 'yes, I will come back to Montana', or having a hearing on their identity," Kilby said. "If they decide to do that, then they'll have a hearing to determine their actual identities in Washington. If they are indeed the suspects, they will be sent back to Montana."

Kilby outlines the charges and possible penalties for the two suspects.

"They have been charged with attempted deliberate homicide and robbery," Kilby said. "The female has also been charged with accountability for deliberate homicide and accountability for robbery. For deliberate homicide the sentence is not less than 10 years or more than 100 years in the Montana State Prison, while the sentence for robbery is not less than two or more than forty years."

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Jordan Kilby

Miller and Evans are currently in custody in the King County Jail in Seattle.

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