The Glasgow Scotties are well on their path towards a national championship. The Northeast Montana town advanced to the Sweet 16 in the "National Helmet Tournament."

The tournament is basically a national who-has-the-best-helmet tournament conducted through votes on social media. You can follow and vote in the national helmet tournament on their twitter page by clicking here.

The Scotties edged out Viera, Florida to advance to the Sweet 16. The Glasgow Scotties shared this update on their Facebook page Sunday:

It took a record 4,140 votes in the National Helmet Tourney, but your hometown Glasgow Scotties officially move into the Sweet 16! We defeated the Florida State Champs, Viera High School, 52% to 48 %. 4 more wins to be crowned the National Champion. Let’s go!!!!!! #ScottiePride


And of course the Viera, Florida Hawks were good sports following the close loss:


406 MT Sports recapped the in-state contest earlier this month:

In the end, the Scottie dog won out over the other finalist, the Chinook Sugarbeeters, by a 57.2% to 42.8% margin out of 1,106 votes cast. Overall, just under 60,000 votes were cast in the state tournament, which had modest goals in the beginning.


Congrats to my friends in Glasgow. Of course, I've always been biased since my family goes back several generations in Glasgow. Eugene's Pizza has already snagged the award for best pizza in the state...and now the team mascot is up for the national championship. They sure know how to get things done in the "middle of nowhere."

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