The craziness has unfortunately made its way to Montana. Over the weekend, a man in Kalispell reportedly used his pickup truck to tear down a Ten Commandments monument.

We've been watching as extremists, rioters, and protesters have been tearing down or attempting to tear down monuments and statues all across the country. It started with Confederate statues, but the craziness spread to statues of Union War generals, prominent abolitionists who fought to end slavery, and American presidents. One "Black Lives Matter" activist even said statues of Jesus need to be removed.

And now, in Kalispell- the Ten Commandments were torn down. As Fox News reports:

Police said they responded after callers reported seeing a man on the grounds of the Flathead County Courthouse attach a chain to a pickup truck before pulling down the monument into the street, according to the station (KHQ-TV).

NBC Montana has a photo of the Ten Commandments in the street, and says the main who was arrested is Anthony Weimer of Columbia Falls.

One of our radio listeners, Fawn Mac of Kalispell, was first to share the news with us over the weekend. She linked to a Flathead 411 Facebook page and said locals reported saying they saw someone in a big truck chain up to a Ten Commandments statue near the courthouse and drag it down the road.

The moderator of the Flathead 411 Facebook page remarked:

Now is a good time for the community to come together and as a whole say we won’t allow any of the national divisiveness into our community. Have your differences of opinions but we can be a strong community also.

Fawn Mac made another great point later on in the thread which basically said: this is why we had armed guards protecting our memorials during the recent protests.

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