If any projects should be moving forward right now- it's infrastructure, it's boots on the grounds, it's shovel ready jobs that put money into the pockets of hard working Americans. And, oh by the way- a Montana firm landed the contract.

We're talking about the effort to build a wall on our nation's Southern border.

Even though the wall would help secure our southern border, and is being built by a Montana-based construction company, the project is being attacked by Montana's Democrat Senator Jon Tester (D-MT). (We should remind the senator that border security is also important in the middle of a global pandemic.)

Senate Democrats are pressing the Department of Homeland Security on Friday to explain why the wall on the southern border is still being built during the coronavirus pandemic and amid strict national social distancing guidance.


Politico notes that the letter is signed by Senator Tester and a handful of other Senate Democrats.

The border wall is not only something that will help secure our southern border (especially when meth from the Mexican drug cartels is pouring across our southern border into Montana), the company building a sizable portion of the wall is also based in Montana. As UPI reports:

Under the deal, announced Monday by the Department of Defense, BFBC, an affiliate of Bozeman, Mont.-based Barnard Construction is contracted to design and build 17.17 miles of border wall in southern California.

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