Montana Sen. Jon Tester has joined a growing number of Democratic legislators calling for fellow caucus member, Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota, to resign following a series of sexual misconduct allegations. In a tweet posted Wednesday, Tester said [quote] “Elected officials must be held to a high standard, Al Franken is no exception. It’s time for him to step down.” [end quote]

Early on Wednesday, New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand became the first Democratic senator to urge her colleague Franken to resign. Within an hour, at least 10 more Democratic senators and the chairman of the Democratic National Committee were demanding Franken’s resignation. Over the course of the day, dozens of Democratic senators echoed that call, including Senate Minority Leader and Gillibrand’s New York Democratic colleague Chuck Schumer. Franken’s office has announced he will make an announcement today.

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