With his re-election now in the rearview mirror for another 5 years, liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) is going off the deep end when it comes to trafficking in anti-Trump conspiracy theories.

In case you missed it, Senator Tester was on CNN late last week. That's where he was asked an absurd question by the CNN commentator about whether President Trump would open up an "office of foreign interference outreach."

The question was absurd on its face, especially considering the fact that it was Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC that colluded with foreign intelligence operatives to construct a phony dossier. It is the Democrats led by Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi who have wasted three years investigating President Trump and interfering in the elections. Yet, Donald Trump even hints at investigating Democrats and they scream for impeachment.

So, how did Tester respond? Townhall.com reports:

"That is the whole question," Tester nodded. "And that's the whole point why we need to hold the president accountable. Because I think there's a real possibility he goes off the rails on this stuff and really does go after foreign interference in our elections in a very bold way."

While Tester trafficks in conspiracy theories, Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) has been rock-solid representing Montanans in the midst of this impeachment circus. Here's how he summed up Friday's vote in the US Senate essentially drawing the impeachment circus to a close:

The Senate had a very thorough process which included over 60 hours of trial, equal time for both sides to present their case, over 180 questions from Senators, 13 witnesses, 192 witness videos, and over 28,000 pages of testimony. This is the most partisan impeachment in our nation’s history. There are no crimes alleged and no impeachable offenses. More witnesses won’t change that. Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats rushed the process and chose to send over incomplete articles. It is the role of the Senate to review the evidence gathered from the House, not do its work for them. It’s time to vote to acquit.

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