It's amazing how a single bad incident can derail the whole day. The particular occurrence could have lasted seconds yet it can knock a person off balance for hours, even until bedtime. The opposite can also happen. A nice moment, or a kind word, can lift the spirit out of that rut.

After one very long morning at work, juggling the plethora of tasks for Montana Talks, I trudged about the grocery store so I could fix something for lunch.

Suddenly the shopper next to me asked, "Hey, don't I know you?"

I looked at the younger lady while my muddled mind tried to recall her. "You do?"

"Yeah, didn't you write a book?"

She was right.

"Yes," I replied, "I self-published a couple books."

"I thought it was you. I saw you at one of those craft fairs."

Right then I remembered visiting with her, and her bright smile this time raised me. "Thank you so much. Wow, I have a fan," I joked and she laughed.

As we parted on our own shopping, she added, "Good to see you. Keep writing."

At that moment my hard day lightened.

Random acts of kindness in this hectic world can come as easily as just a few supportive words. I sure do appreciate that nice lady, even as I write this now.

So, as you go about amid the hive of activity and stresses, news and commentary, please include some sincerely kind words to people you encounter.

You may actually save their day. :-)

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