The recent snowstorm in Billings caught me unprepared. My car was out of commission with a broken rear differential, so I rented a mini van. When switching vehicles, I neglected to grab a snow brush, ice scraper, winter gloves, and my wool hat.

So, after a few inches of snow blanketed everything, I approached this van covered in snow and used my coat sleeves to sweep the snow off.  While okay with the side windows, the broad windshield made my method ineffective.

A young man walked up with a snow brush. "You need this?" he asked.

"Why yes, bless you heart. Thank You."

With the task quickly done, I thanked him again and asked, "Were you a Boy Scout?"

"Yes," he admitted, and mentioned that his grandmother helped with the Scouts.

A little later I dropped off my car to the shop for repairs, and an employee gave me a ride and saved me from a long, snowy walk back to the rental van. I asked this young man if he was a Boy Scout too.

The slogan of the Boy Scouts is "Do a Good Turn Daily." Glad to see that it's still followed by lots of people. To both men, I gave the same compliment. "Well, you have just done your good turn for the day."

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