I hate mullets. I think it's one of the worst hairstyles ever. But, that's just the opinion of one guy who normally can't stand his own hair anyway. With the rise of artists such as Morgan Wallen who've made a mullet part of their brand, it's definitely seen a rise in popularity across the country, including here in the Treasure State. History has also been a fan of the "Wisconsin Waterfall" over the years, even as far back as ancient Greece.

Wait, Did He Just Say Ancient Greeks Wore Mullets?

Credit: Adam Paszkowski
Credit: Adam Paszkowski

Yes, it's been documented that the famous poet Homer described an ancient Greek version of the mullet in The Iliad. In Chapter 2, Homer describes the Abantes tribe with, "...Forelocks cropped, hair grown long at the back."

The History Channel goes over all kinds of historical mullets, talking about the "hun cut" from ancient Rome, Benjamin Franklin's iconic "skullet," and even David Bowie's iconic cut for his "Ziggy Stardust" persona.

The Modern Rise of the Party in the Back

Credit: Brady Schug
Credit: Brady Schug

Hairstylists across the country are seeing a rise in the requests for mullets, citing the increase in virtual meetings thanks to COVID-19, as well as celebrities getting the haircut in droves being the cause. One stylist based in Pennsylvania even stated that mullets are 75% of the haircuts he does nowadays.

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Do you have a killer mullet you want to show off, and want to win tickets to the upcoming Morgan Wallen concert at MetraPark on May 14? Submit your photo, and you may check out the best mullet in music in person. More information and the submission form can be found in this article here.

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