Male pattern baldness isn't just a male problem, it impacts a lot of females too. And acne? Acne isn't just a problem for kids, adults can get it too. Especially if you spend too much time out in the sun, and if you combine it with alcohol and spicy food. I know, sounds like another day on the golf course, right?

Those were some of the latest topics that we tackled with Dr. Scott Sears from St. Vincent Healthcare and SCL Health- which has several hospitals and clinics all across Montana.

This week, we started by asking Dr. Sears about some of the questions he's been getting from his patients, and of course by taking some of your phone calls.  Our first call came from Donny in Acton. He wanted to get the doctor's take on the EMS services in the state, and the shortage of volunteers, especially in smaller communities.

We also got a call from a listener in Billings who is suffering from neuropathy in his feet following chemo treatments for cancer. Dr. Sears says a couple options may be rubbing hot pepper cream on the feet, or getting specially designed shoes- orthotics- to ease the pain and discomfort.

Check out more of what Dr. Sears had to say below in our latest interview:

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