Just by chance, in case you have forgotten, everyone's love/hate social network is stalking everything you do. Here's is yet another reminder...

In honor of Thanksgiving, here are the things Facebook has recently found that we as a nation are most thankful for according to our posts. Even better, they broke down the thankfulness state by state so we can see what Montana is most thankful for. Check them out...


1.  Friends.


2.  Family.


3.  Health.


4.  Job.


5.  Husband.


6.  Children.


7.  The roof over my head.


8.  Life.


9.  Music.

As for Montana state, in general, we here in Big Sky country are most thankful for...our upbringing.

Side note: Have you noticed the thankfulness for 'husband' and yet a lack of 'wife' on the list? That is due to fact that most people who expressed their gratitude within their Facebook posts were women.

(See the full state-by-state breakdown of what we are all most thankful for here)

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