Each state is best known for their landmarks, their people and their commonalities...but only one television program can be considered the most popular representation of their area. This, according to Business Insider, is the TV show that is widely known for the state it is set in.

A detailed map found here breaks down state-by-state the most popular series in which the television show most faithfully represents.

As an example, 'Fraiser', the popular NBC 'Cheers' spin-off is about a psychiatrist that lives in Seattle, thereby earning Washington's top spot. Oregon is the home of TLC's 'Little People, Big World'. In Idaho, it's the show 'The Manhunter.'

And when it comes to the state of Montana, the most popular television show that was set in our state is 'Buckskin.'

According to Wikipedia

Buckskin is an American Westerntelevision series starring Tom NolanSally Brophy, and Mike Road. The series aired on the NBC network from July 3, 1958 until May 25, 1959, followed by summer reruns in 1959 and again in 1965.


(For a full map of the most popular television shows and the states they represent, take a look here.)

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