News outlets and Aaron jumped on this international study that said the health advantage from eating less red meat was minimal to barely there. Here is the soundbite from Fox Radio News.

If you want to read the article from the New York Times on this study, just click this link.

I heard about this the night before on the evening news, and within SECONDS of reporting this news bite, the anchor had a doctor on to dismiss the study and caution that a balanced diet with less red meat is still highly recommended.

This sounded really Climate Change science.

Ever notice that whenever a scientific study or article is published challenging the premise that man is causing global climate change, the consensus swarm in like killer bees to uphold their conclusions and ideology, and to discredit and rebuke the findings and their authors? Heaven forbid someone offer a contradicting set of findings, data and research.

Whenever I think of scientific consensus, I remind myself that at one, time consensus had also said that the Sun revolved around the Earth.

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