We were talking about this impeachment inquiry circus on Capitol Hill- what a waste of time and money the whole thing is, and what a sham the process has been.

That's when Rick in Stevensville called in to our statewide radio show- Montana Talks- and asked the question: how come Representative Greg Gianforte (R-MT) and Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) aren't out in front criticizing this impeachment circus?

Now, I may be wrong- but my response to Rick was that it seems to me that they both HAVE been speaking out against it. Gianforte called the impeachment circus a "sham" in this interview with The Billings Gazette's Tom Lutey. And, as you can see below, Senator Daines has also mocked the impeachment circus.

Now- are they beating down the doors of Fox News, NBC, and elsewhere to share their views? Maybe, maybe not. But they have at least spoken out strongly against this sham of an impeachment inquiry. Or, as Nancy in Roundup says- it's not an impeachment, it's a coup.

Speaking of the impeachment inquiry- The Daily Caller contacted the offices of every Republican US Senator on Capitol Hill. Of those who responded, seven came out clearly against impeachment, including Daines:

Montana Sen. Steve Daines’ office gave a statement accusing Democrats of being “obsessed with impeachment since before President Trump was even sworn into office.”

“[Steve] believes House Dems should focus on the facts not partisan politics,” Daines’ office said in a statement. “Steve is focused on working on behalf of Montanans and the American people on issues like lowering prescription drug costs and getting important trade deals finalized.”



Credit screenshot from "The Office" YouTube page.
Credit screenshot from "The Office" YouTube page.

I wasn't even going to talk about "impeachment" on the show today. It's literally become such a joke. "We got him this time!" Yeah, sure you do. How many times have these supposed bombshells blown up in their faces?

I liked the headline on Kurt Schlichter's piece at Townhall.com: This Will Totally Destroy Trump! (Volume MCXXXVII)

Like I said, I wasn't going to waste our listeners' time on our statewide radio show even talking about this- what's our excuse this week- push for impeachment...but then I saw this Tweet from Senator Steve Daines (R-MT):

Nailed it.

I also want to thank the senator for giving us all an excuse to watch this "Best Of Stanley" video from The Office via their YouTube page:

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