Now that I think about it, this is a really cool fact about Montana and we should honestly be proud of it.

MSN Lifestyle came out with a list called 50 Weird Facts about All 50 States and for Montana the fact has to deal with our furry friends that are always apart of our family. The weird fact about Montana is that pets have the highest average lifespan out of any state.

Janie Airey/Getty Images

Cats apparently live on average two years longer than the national average and dogs live an average of a year and half longer. To be honest that's actually a pretty cool fact and I personally love it.

When I think back about growing up in Montana all the animals that grew up in my house lived pretty long lives. I had a couple cats that lived past twenty years old and all of our dogs typically lived past fifteen which is an astonishing feat especially in a place where wildlife is all around us but maybe it's the fresh air.

The thing is Montana is definitely known for taking care of their furry friends. In most cities and towns you will see folks walking their dog or taking them to parks. People here have a passion for making sure our animals live a full, exciting life.

This is a fact that isn't really weird but something Montana should be pretty proud of and I am one of those people.

For more details, check out MSN Lifestyle.

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