It was an historic week for the United States and one of our strongest allies- Israel, as we celebrated the opening of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem.

Coming up Thursday on Montana Talks with Aaron Flint, we'll get reaction from Montana's Jewish community as Rabbi Chaim Bruk joins us on the show from Bozeman. How monumental is this for the US to finally open an embassy in Jerusalem? What does he think of the violent rioters in Gaza and the Israeli response? And, what about those on the Left who at times will claim that President Trump is anti-Jewish?

We'll cover all that and more as Rabbi Chaim Bruk joins us on Montana Talks shortly after 940 AM Thursday on the following stations:

  • Billings: Newstalk 95.5 and 95.1 FM, 970 AM KBUL
  • Bozeman: AM1450 KMMS
  • Livingston: AM1340 KPRK
  • Missoula: AM930 KMPT
  • Kalispell: AM880 KJJR
  • Glendive: AM1400 KXGN
  • Forsyth: KIKC 1250 AM, 94.5FM
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