Is it time to scrap an Obama-era education rule that critics say could have played a role in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida?

Here's what Perry Pendley with the Mountain States Legal Foundation wrote to the Secretary of Education, according to the Washington Times:

“In the tragic aftermath of the murders in Florida, which were preventable, we simply cannot take the chance that other school districts, in response to a Dear Colleague letter issued in 2014 by the Obama administration, will continue to enforce or will implement the disastrous race-based, discipline-free program put in place in December of 2013 by Broward County,” William Perry Pendley, president of the Mountain States Legal Foundation, said Friday in a letter to Mrs. DeVos.

“The risk to human life and safety is far too great,” Mr. Pendley said.

We'll talk with Perry a little after 9 AM Thursday on "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint.

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