He calls it the "fix Missoula" bill. We're talking about House Bill 325 that got the endorsement of the Montana Legislature, but still awaits action from Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT).

Gary Marbut with the Montana Shooting Sports Association says HB 325 would "amend the Montana 'preemption law' at 45-8-351 to prevent ongoing abuse of the law that limits all local government's power to regulate firearms - to prevent a patchwork of gun control laws across Montana."

If HB 325 doesn't get the governor's signature, Marbut says another bill will send the measure directly to the Montana voters in 2020. He added:

So, what can and will Bullock do?  That's where it gets interesting to ponder, but the answer is not clear.  The possible options are that Bullock could sign HB 325 into law, he could let it sit in his in-basket for ten days and it would become law without his signature, he could veto the bill, or he could do an "amendatory veto" of HB 325 whereby he recommends amendments and sends it back to the Legislature for approval.

Marbut also weighs in on how Bullock's 2020 plans could also be impacted by his actions on this bill. He'll join us on Thursday's Montana Talks statewide radio show around 940 AM to explain.

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