Happy Father's Day!  It is cool to see all of the love to all of my "dad" friends I see on Facebook today.  My top 3 things to accomplish on this day, Father's Day.

  1. Sleep late.  I did, until 9:12am.
  2. Have an extra cup of coffee, I will have the 2nd cup as a designer drink as we go grocery shopping.  Large, triple shot, iced peppermint mocha, no whip! (Keri's buying).
  3. Hug my boys! Check the picture out.
  4. Finish up laundry!
  5. Go to a Father's Day BBQ with some other "dad" friends.

I realize the headline said, Top 3 Things I Am Doing on Father's Day but as you can see, dads do more then expected!

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