Almost 40 students at McKinley Elementary School were given new bikes from Billings TrailNet, a local bike and trail advocacy group.  Now, kids have different reasons for liking the new bikes they received Wednesday… just in time for Christmas.


Fourth-grader Steve Clark mused that he might be able to bike to the skate park.  He had a bike at home, but “it’s missing a billion parts.  That was a common theme for students; several said they had a bike at home that was too small, had a flat tire or other broken part.


TrailNet tries to give students the tools to ride safe and take care of their wheels.  St. Vincent Healthcare, Charitable Chick and Think First donated helmets and fit them for students.  TrailNet executive director Kristi Drake said every child deserves to have a bike.  It’s a sense of freedom and it gives them a way to go where they want to go.

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