With grocery store shelves being emptied of key items in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, how much worse of a situation would we be in if Joe Biden were president? Especially since he said "no more, no new fracking" and no more drilling on federal lands during Sunday's debate. Would we see long lines at the gas pumps too?

That was one of the questions I threw at Marc Lotter, the Communications Director for President Trump's 2020 re-election campaign. Lotter joined us on Montana Talks to cover Tuesday's primary elections in Florida and elsewhere.

LOTTER: Here you have Joe Biden openly talking about telling millions of Americans who work in the energy sector that they should learn to code, and that the government believes we should put them out of a job. It's really irresponsible, it's short-sighted. But it's really what we have come to see from the Democratic party.

There is no difference between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. What we really saw on the debate stage on Sunday night was Biden being pulled closer and closer to Bernie in order to get his radical vote.

Lotter added that Biden now supports taxpayer funded abortions up to the moment of birth, and wants to raise taxes by trillions of dollars while our economy is going through a bump because of the coronavirus.

LOTTER: And here they are talking about government takeovers of industries, putting people out of work, raising taxes- it's the exact wrong answer.




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