Within a span of 2 and a half hours, two Billings pedestrians were hit by vehicles on Wednesday evening and taken to area hospitals.  At about 5:20 p.m. a woman was hit near the intersection of 27th Street and Sixth Avenue North, and at approximately 7:40 pm, a man crossing a downtown street without using the crosswalk was hit by a minivan in Billings.


Both pedestrians may have been intoxicated. In the first incident, the driver of an SUV on 27th Street began braking and was almost at a complete stop when the car hit one of the people crossing.  The pedestrian could be cited for failing to yield to traffic and being intoxicated.  The pedestrian in the 7:40 incident attempted to cross the street on Second Avenue from an alley and was hit by a minivan.  That pedestrian, in his 20s, could be cited for failure to use a crosswalk and being intoxicated.

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