Billings police have identified and apprehended two of the three suspects in the November armed robbery at the Lucky Lil’s casino.  The pair of young men were arrested on Monday, January 9th.  19-year-old Steven Christopher Delgadillo and 20-year-old Kalen Michael Tull were taken into custody with warrants, according to Billings Police Lt. David Cardillo.  A U.S. Marshal Service task force made the arrest.  According to police, one suspect remains at large.


Police reported at the time that three men went into the casino at 12:43 a.m. on Nov. 12 carrying firearms.  They took money from the business, as well as wallets from patrons, according to the report.  No injuries were reported to authorities at the time of the heist, but one patron needed medical attention for [quote] “a medical condition resulting from the robbery,” [end quote] according to Billings Police.  No additional information is available on identity or whereabouts of the third suspect.

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