UM Associate Professor of Marketing with the School of Business, Justin Angle, has teamed up with other media specialists to create a series of podcasts addressing wildfires that will begin airing on Tuesday.

“For the last 18 or so months we've been working on trying to develop a series that helps people understand the moment we're in as a society with wildfire, and how we can productively move forward,” said Angle.

Angle said he reached out to a variety of sources for their views on wildfires in Montana and throughout the west.

“We spoke with fire scientists. We spoke with land managers, we spoke with firefighters, historians, all different sorts of scholars and homeowners,” he said. “Basically, the big picture issue is that we've kind of reached this kind of unsustainable state in our relationship with fire.”

Angle said the result of all these discussions has led to a different mindset when it comes to wildfire.

“A different approach is needed,” he said. “We need to embrace the best of science, and we need to take individual actions to protect our homes and communities. In addition, land managers need to be thinking about ways to put more fire on the landscape in certain situations and manage other fires differently.”

Angle said there will be a total of seven podcasts, with the first airing on Tuesday, March 9.

“They will be distributed through Montana Public Radio through their podcast platform,” he said. “You can subscribe to Fireline, just that one word ‘Fireline’ on any of the podcast players, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, you can also go to Fireline and check us out there and you can also check us out on the Montana Public Radio homepage as well.”

According to a press release from the University of Montana, ‘The podcast is produced by Nick Mott of the Peabody Award-winning show “Threshold” and “Richest Hill,” named one of “The New Yorker's” “must-listen” podcasts of 2019. Episode 1 of the podcast releases on March 9.’

(photo by Tommy Martino)

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