In Montana's unsolved mysteries we have a little bit of everything. UFO's, severed legs, and an unsolved Laurel murder. I don't know how you feel about UFO's but the Malmstrom Air Force Base UFO of 1967 is interesting to say the least.

What about Miranda? Her mother continues to search and still offers a $25,000  reward for information. Miranda was murdered 14 years ago in Laurel.

I can't imagine going on a hike near Butte and finding a severed leg. I would probably pass out. Who do these legs belong to? A DNA match hasn’t been found. Police are still baffled.

What other unsolved mysteries lurk here in Montana? has a total of six.

  • 1

    The Malmstrom Air Force Base UFO of 1967

    Do you believe in UFO's?  This story might change your mind.  What do you think they saw?

  • 2

    The Murder of Miranda Fenner

    What really happened to Miranda Fenner? A $25,000 reward remains and her mother hasn't given up hope even after 14 years.

  • Philipp Guelland,Getty Images
    Philipp Guelland,Getty Images

    Mysterious Severed Legs Found in Butte

    Can you imagine stumbling across a pair of severed legs?  This happened outside of Butte in 2012.

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