I had the distinct honor of being able to attend the commissioning ceremony for the USS Billings when the Littoral Combat Ship was commissioned in Key West, Florida. It was so cool to be able to witness the ceremony, see all the Montanans who were down in Florida for the event, and get to tour the ship and meet the crew.

I think my favorite part of the ship was the back deck where a helicopter can land, and even carry around a team of Navy SEALs if that's what the mission entails. It was also cool seeing all the guns, and the cafeteria with the Navy chef all dressed up in a white chef's outfit just like Steven Seagal in Under Siege.

On top of that we get the honor of hosting the USS Billings crew members in our radio studios whenever they make their way back here to Montana.

That being said, I was excited to see the news that the USS Billings has completed her maiden deployment through the Caribbean.

As the Navy Times reports, the USS Billings is back at home in Mayport, Florida "after conducting counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean Sea and providing humanitarian relief to Haiti following a massive earthquake."

Here's more:

Along with an embarked U.S. Coast Guard law enforcement detachment, the Billings seized more than $111.8 million worth of cocaine and removed 13 suspected drug traffickers from the narcotics trade, the Navy said.

Bravo Zulu to the crew of the USS Billings.

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