For those of you who caught Tuesday's Montana Talks, we played a clip where Lara Logan tears into the bias of the mainstream media.

Logan is one of the nation's most respected journalists. She's a former CBS News foreign correspondent whose work often appeared on 60 Minutes. mentions this highlight from her appearance on the "Mike Drop" podcast:

LOGAN: I didn’t even notice there was a bias in the media. People would say it to me all the time and I argued passionately and ferociously against that because I really believed when we do it well, and the majority of serious journalists were all trying to do their best to overcome those biases and rely on the facts and good systems. We have a few conventions — because they are not really rules — but you need at least two first-hand sources for something, right? Those things help keep your work to a certain standard. Those standards are out the window. I mean, you read one story or another and hear it and it’s all based on one anonymous administration official, former administration official. That’s not journalism. That’s horseshit. Sorry. That is absolute horseshit.

Here's the full video of Mike Ritland's podcast with Lara Logan:


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