In the Video above you can watch Al Gore, who was still Vice President, preside over the certification of the vote for the election that he was sure he had won.

It was one of the closest races in American history. Vice President Al Gore VS. Governor George W. Bush of Texas. 

The race came down to two key states: Ohio and Florida. When Ohio was finally settled and it looked as if Gov' Bush had won Florida, Mr. Gore called Bush to congratulate him and concede. Moments later Gore called back and revoked his concession. It looked is if there might still be a way that Gore could win in Florida, or so Gore thought.

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The battle raged on for weeks with recount after recount in south Florida and lawsuits being filed from local courts, the Florida Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court.

No matter how many times the votes were counted Gov' Bush always came out a little ahead of VP Gore. Simply put, Bush won by the narrowest of margins. 

Finally, the day before the Electoral College was to meet Al Gore announced his concession.

But the Democrat party thought that they had one last play. 

After the vote of the Electoral College congress then certifies the vote. Members of the Democrat party stood to object. They did not see the Electors from Florida as legitimate and they had doubts about the voting machines in Ohio.

With only a few objections from members of congress there was not enough to halt the certification of George W. Bush as President. Throughout Bush's first term there were those who saw him as an illegitimate president.

Does all of this sound familiar?

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