Billings City Council is divided on a 3% water and wastewater rate increase.  The city provides nearly thirty thousand customers with drinkable water.  On Monday, councilors discussed a proposed overall three percent rate increases for water use. reports that, annually, eight billion gallons of drinking water are treated and delivered to citizens.  Meanwhile, Public Works also provides wastewater service to more than thirty-three thousand customers, treating almost 6 billion gallons of wastewater each year.  Residential wastewater rates would be raised about 15 cents to nearly $2 per month, while commercial wastewater rates would increase about 20 cents, depending on usage.
The proposed rate increase for drinking water would cost the average homeowner a one dollar and twenty-seven cent increase per month in FY 2018.  Some councilors suggested an increase on just commercial, but not residential water service rates.

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