About a year ago, when former UK Prime Minister Theresa May appeared to be on the rocks, we spoke with Simon Owen from Fox News Radio in London. That led to another interesting conversation with a former Montana lawmaker who now lives in the UK.

We ended up talking about why something like Brexit- the effort to get the UK out of the European Union- could be good for Montana and allow for bilateral trade deals between the US and the UK.

Well, not only did Conservatives in the UK post their largest electoral victory since the days of Margaret Thatcher, it also spells good news for President Trump and for Montana farmers and ranchers.

We caught up with Simon Owen from London again on Friday. Here's our conversation the day after the UK elections:




Brexit Negotiations Reach Endgame
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If you caught our interview with Simon Owen from Fox News Radio in London, we talked about UK Prime Minister Theresa May and her Brexit compromise. Is her plan too soft? Is the prime minister on the ropes? And, what does it mean for people in a state like Montana?

Shortly after our conversation with Simon Owen in London, we got a great phone call from former Montana legislator Nick Schwaderer who now lives and works for a tech firm in the UK.

What does a Montanan have to say about all this news? Well, Schwaderer says Brexit would be a good thing for Montana, especially when it comes to agriculture, which is our number one industry. He says a tougher Brexit plan would be better for Montana agriculture because it would allow the US and the UK to conduct bilateral trade negotiations and go around the higher tariffs put in place by the EU against American products.

Click below to hear former Rep. Schwaderer join us on Montana Talks:


By the way, Montana State University political science Professor David Parker is also in the UK this week:

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