June (formerly Jonathan) Eastwood has received a lot of attention on Montana Talks since being named "Female Athlete of the Week" by the Big Sky Conference. And during all the discussion, a random thought popped into my head. Here is my two-cents worth.

Since June identifies as a woman, what will happen after graduation from the University of Montana? She will be in the world of work, and as we have heard for many years of income inequality, she will earn 73-77 cents for every dollar that a man makes.

Will June lament this injustice right along with biologically-born women? Or would she suddenly recognize her maleness for the extra bucks? We should follow June's career on this, just to see what happens in this new wrinkle in the 21st-century culture.

And if the income gap occurs to you, June, don't be disheartened. You will have the cross-country trophies and records, and Female Athlete of the Week to relish over the years.

Ok, yes, all this is a total cheap shot. I do wish her every success and happiness.

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