Never fails. Whenever a technical issues crops up with Montana Talks, listeners race to the phone to either call me or text Aaron that something is very, very wrong. Which has me wondering: when Rush gets cut off by a commercial break, do listeners rush to call him about it (pun intended)? When the Glenn Beck program airs the time markers (45 seconds, 15 seconds), are they on the phone thinking a bomb is about to explode?  When the local news displays a picture on the screen that doesn't connect with the story reported by the anchor, do they leap out of their chairs?

We got the word (a few times) that FM 95.5 was off the air. I alerted my superior who checked the transmitter remotely and contacted the engineer who reported back that a controller thingie had gone kaput and that they are working on it. Yet the day it happened and the next days I and the Receptionist received calls from listeners about not getting Montana Talks. As of this posting, even the General Manager referred to the issue as "fried parts."

If the listeners can't hear Aaron's down-home voice and sharp commentary at the exact moment the show is supposed to be on, do withdrawals suddenly take possession of mind and spirit?

If your answer is "YES!" then there are some other options:

  • Flip to the AM and 970, which is KBUL and also carries Montana Talks.
  • Turn the dial to 95.1 FM which is also Newstalk and also carries Montana Talks.
  • If you have one of them smartphones, download the Newstalk 95.5 app. This way, even when the transmitter is down and the antiquated technology fails, you can pull up the show in your hand and take some deep breaths.

Now if all that fails then yes, notify us. Chances are we already know, but I have been caught unaware before.

Thanks for listening and for your support of Montana Talks.

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