We had a great conversation on Monday's Montana Talks statewide radio show. We heard from Ken Miller, a former state senator and former chair of the Montana Republican Party. We heard from State Sen. Steve Fitzpatrick (R-Great Falls) about COVID liability protections.

We also heard from a couple of our great Democrat callers as well. Jarod in Anaconda didn't like the violence in the US Capitol last week, but he also doesn't like how the Democrat Congress is trying to go down the impeachment path again. Robert in Columbia Falls said he didn't like hearing the calls for a Civil War on C-SPAN's Washington Journal.

Here's my point: it was great to hear from all of the callers with a variety of viewpoints. It's the best part of the show. And it's more important to our country now more than ever.

When is the book burning scheduled? That's the question I had to throw out over the airwaves, as the President of the United States is booted from Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. They don't just want to censor the president- they want to censor you.

Try logging into Parler on Monday morning, and not only was the app booted from the Apple and Google app stores, you couldn't even log in to Parler.com.

With tech giants and government bureaucrats colluding to shut down your free speech, talk radio and your local radio station is more important than ever for you to have a voice.

Democrat? Republican? Neither? Give us a call either way.

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