Several Montana businesses will still be closed due to Governor Steve Bullock's (D-MT) statewide order, and that's even after his newly released "Reopening the Big Sky"  was announced earlier this week.

While the governor is still mandating the closure of businesses across the state with statewide guidelines, he is allowing local school districts to decide whether or not to reopen schools after May 7th.

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Whitney Williams disagrees with that decision. She says schools should be shut down for the remainder of the year statewide:


One young woman on the Montana Politics hashtag on Twitter #MTPol made a great point (and she doesn't appear to be a right-wing Republican either):    



That's a great point by Clara. Think about it: from one corner to the other corner of Montana would be like driving from Chicago to Washington, DC. What works in Ekalaka may not work in Missoula. What is needed in Manhattan, New York may not be needed in Manhattan, Montana.

The obvious follow-up question is this: if local school officials can be trusted to make the best decision for their schools, why can't local officials be trusted to also make the best decisions for their businesses?

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