Last night at about 7:30 a gentleman with a very large Ford truck crunched the left side of my Nissan Altima. We were on westbound 1st Avenue in downtown Billings (pictured above).

I had just pulled out of the parking structure and the gentleman in question was behind another vehicle on the left side of the lane above where you can go straight or turn right and didn't have his turn signal on. I pulled up on the right side (because there is plenty of room for 2 cars) and got ready to turn right just as the vehicle in front of the Ford truck crossed the intersection right before the light turned red.

While I was waiting for cross traffic to pass the gentleman in the Ford truck changed his mind about going straight and decided to turn right instead. I saw him coming at me and honked my horn to no avail he ran into my vehicle (you can see the damage in the picture below).


Despite the fact that his vehicle was behind mine at the time he said he couldn't see me. In not so many words he intimated that I shouldn't have been there suggesting the accident was my fault.

So here's my question, who's fault was this accident?

Please give me your response below.

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