So we were notified this morning that they are canceling prom for the kids in Billings...Why?

There was no scientific explanation, no mandate, no governor order or directive. No new studies on proms from the CDC, so why?

Look at all the things that will be allowed because they pose no covid danger: The Skyview vs. Senior High School basketball game is tonight, a packed house, no problem. All the lunch periods are still in place where thousands of kids pile into cars, share drinks, fries, ketchup, etc, no problem. The all-class wrestling tournament is still on in February with 10,000 people, wrestling is no problem. School buses continue to run where 60 kids are put into an 8x40 foot vehicle and hauled to school, no problem. School administrators can still go maskless to gyms and workout facilities or restaurants outside of school with no problem.

So who made the call and based on what science? Can any of you out there figure out the reasoning behind any of their ridiculous decisions?

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Look at the hit that just one prom will have on the businesses that pay the property taxes that pay their salaries. The limo and chauffer companies, the dress shops and suit rental companies, all the flower shops and all the restaurants that feed them, all will take a big hit from that reckless decision.

Why cancel the activity for the age group that is the least vulnerable than any other group, kids under 18? You can definitely see all the science that went into that decision.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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