They're not even hiding it anymore. It used to be that if someone called a Democrat a Socialist, they would say that you were name calling or a conspiracy theorist. Well, you probably still wouldn't believe it, but there are now "Democrat Socialist" chapters all across Montana.  The Democrat Socialist legislative candidates are also some of the biggest advocates in the "abolish ICE" movement in the state.

For those of you that caught Wednesday's Montana Talks radio show with Aaron Flint, we covered all that and more with Trevor Loudon. Loudon is a documentary filmmaker and author from New Zealand who tracks radical Marxist and socialist movements across the world. He's travelling Montana this week and speaking at several events, including a Wednesday night presentation in Lewistown, and a Thursday night presentation in Billings.

On Montana Talks, Loudon also discussed a new website designed to track and monitor the Democrat Socialist movement and activists. In fact, if you go to,  just enter "Montana" and "Democrat Socialists" in the search bar and you might be amazed at the info that you find.





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