You gotta love Montana...we're gonna figure out some way to get together. We're also gonna figure out any way to support our small businesses in the middle of these coronavirus shutdowns. And let's be honest, when it comes to the movie theaters, we all just really miss that dripping with butter movie popcorn even more than the movies themselves, right?

In some towns like Miles City, Kalispell, and the Billings Heights, residents are bringing back the oldies and cruising Main Street in their cars and trucks. It's a way to get out of the house, see the town, and say hi to friends you likely haven't seen in a while.

With movie theaters shut down statewide due to the coronavirus, folks in Glasgow showed up in force to cruise the town, support their local movie theater, and get some movie theater popcorn curbside-delivered.

As Kelly Siefert with the BS Buzz in Glasgow writes:

Valley Cinemas has been closed since the Governor’s crackdown March 26th, but they came up with a way to generate a little cash and the community of Glasgow responded in a huge way.

“It was quite the fiasco,” said theater manager JR Rasmusan, “but once we got a system figured out it went pretty well.”

They came up with the idea due to the fact that quite a few people would pop in for popcorn without taking in the movie (before the shutdown).

“It gives people something to do,” JR said, adding, “We can’t thank them enough for the support. They were patient, and our employees really enjoyed getting the chance to talk to the customers.”

Saturday was their trial run. They’ll continue with this curb-side delivery, probably even after other businesses start to open back up.

“We won’t be getting any new movies until the film companies release them,” JR noted.


Thanks to Kelly for letting us share that story with our readers/listeners.


Credit Kelly Siefert, BS Buzz
Credit Kelly Siefert, BS Buzz

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