As we discussed on our Montana Talks radio show, environmental and animal rights extremists are now proposing a hunting ban near Yellowstone National Park. This, after a wolf was shot during a recent hunt.

As the UK Daily Mail reports:

The seven-year-old wolf – known as Lamar Canyon Wolf Pack member 926F to scientists – was shot by a hunter in Montana last weekend.

The wolf fanatics are now in all-out mourning over the loss of a predatory wolf (no word on whether they feel the same intense, emotional response when wolves kill other wildlife or livestock). In fact, they're calling for an all out ban on hunting near Yellowstone National Park (I guess it's not just enough for them to ban hunting *inside* the park).

Fox News has that story:

Critics have also questioned the sportsmanship of killing wolves just outside Yellowstone’s boundaries, as some have learned to see humans – including the ones who photograph them on wildlife tours – as not being a threat to their survival. Yellowstone’s wolf biologist further told the Times of hearing hunters brag about the ease of killing wolves who wander just over the border.

Proponents, meanwhile, say that hunters are needed to control the population of wolves in Montana to protect nearby big-game species.

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