'World of Warcraft' is coming to the big screen, and 'Moon and 'Source Code' director Duncan Jones has been tapped to helm the project for Legendary Pictures. Though most video game film adaptations are lousy, this could be the best one yet.

Yes, 'Warcraft' - as it seems to be called now - is based on the popular MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game), and yes, everything from 'Super Mario Brothers' to 'Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life' have been pretty terrible (is the best still 'Resident Evil?'), but to this point Jones has proved himself a talented director and it's not like he's stuck with a lame plot or device he has to follow. A lot could go wrong, but this isn't as problematic an adaptation as 'Battleship' or 'Candyland.' And if takes a name brand to get people interested in some sword and sorcery movie that isn't 'The Lord of the Rings' so be it.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story and note that Charles Leavitt has written a script that is being kept secret. Unfortunately his credits (which include such stinkers as 'K-Pax' and 'The Mighty' along with the slightly better 'Blood Diamond') do not give a good sense of what he's done with this world. If the script is done, and if they're already in some form of pre-production, and with 'Star Wars Episode 7' and 'Justice League' maybes, we wouldn't be surprised if this hits theaters summer 2015.

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