This whole idea of abolishing the Electoral College in the United States is driving me nuts.  It is the one institution in the Constitution that secures the value of every vote in the country, including and especially in rural and less densely populated areas.

Yet because Donald Trump won the Electoral Vote despite Hillary Clinton’s popular vote majority, the call is sounded to do away with the College and have the President determined by a majority of the total votes nationwide.

To show you the 2016 upshot of such an idea, the New York Times provided some nice maps of the Presidential election. To appreciate the full breakdown, click on the “Counties” map. Look at it. Hillary Clinton achieved more votes nationwide (nearly three million) from a smaller, more densely populated area of the country. Yet Trump won with the Electoral College, and the fuss to abolish it has grown louder since.

But what if we rewrote the Election of 2016...

Let’s say Trump had the popular vote over Hillary by nearly three million, from the same counties with lots and lots of people. Just take that map and change all the red to blue and vice versa.  But thanks to the Electoral College, Hillary won the necessary 270 Electoral votes, and she became the first woman President of the United States. She made history.

Would the call still be heard to abolish the Electoral College?

Or would people say the system worked?

I think Aaron Flint is right about removing the Electoral College. Fly-over country would become run-over country.

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