Governor Mark Gordon wants to jump ahead of any potential fuel shortage problems for vehicles, including personal, business, and aviation, home fuel. The governor has signed an Executive Order with temporary emergency rules for the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

You can read the order at this link. It is effective July 20 through August 20.

The trucking industry has regulations for driving hours. The concern was over driver fatigue. Those hours will be suspended allowing truckers to drive more time than they normally would.

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Governor Gordon's orders are in line with and cooperation with surrounding states that are issuing similar orders.

This will not affect drivers right now. The order will be implemented if we actually have a shortage. This brings into question the concerns many have had over fuel prices and availability much like the problems our nation had back in the 1970s.

But this time it is not because of OPEC, the international markets, or fear that the human race will use up all of the oil on the planet.

Recently Governor Gordon criticized the president's energy policies. “Since taking office, President Biden has used executive action to interfere in the market and force banks to bend their will to the left’s energy policies, including efforts to gut the oil, gas, and coal industries...Solving climate related issues should be done through innovation, not regulation.  An all-American, all-of-the above energy strategy grows the economy, establishes reliability, strengthens national security, protects the environment, and builds a prosperous future for generations to come...As the world transitions to a more diverse energy future, blocking financial capital for fossil fuel projects is government overreach at its most damaging, needlessly resulting in American—and even global—energy poverty.  We will reject any attempt by the Biden Administration to jeopardize American national, energy, and economic security by forcing financial institutions to restrict capital access for fossil fuel projects.”

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