BILLINGS, Montana (AP) — A Montana judge from Yellowstone County has been accused of violating judicial rules by not being truthful under oath about a person she employed as a nanny and claims she made in campaign ads in 2018.

The complaint filed Friday by the state’s Judicial Standard Commission against Judge Ashley Harada with the Montana Supreme Court calls for disciplinary action, the Billings Gazette reported.

Hamada’s attorney, retired Judge Russell Fagg, declined to comment on the specific allegations but said he would work with the commission to reach an agreement. He said she’ll admit to mistakes if she made any, while denying mistakes that aren’t true.

’During the 2018 campaign, Hamada is accused of putting an endorsement on her Facebook page from the Yellowstone County Republican Party, violating a rule preventing judicial candidates from accepting endorsements from political organization.

The complaint says Hamada lied under oath during an investigation into the conduct that a person was her nanny and the employment wasn’t reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

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