You've heard of school breakfast programs...but check out what this school in Baker, Montana is doing- a morning hair salon!

Angel Wyrwas has a great story for The Fallon County Times about some Longfellow Elementary teachers who decided to start up a "Books and Braids" program. The program not only helps the young ladies fix up their hair before school, but gives them a chance to read books at the same time.

As Wyrwas reports:

The program started the first of February and grew faster than Kim Lesh ever imagined. “The girls love the extra attention they received and they get some extra reading time in too,” she said. The student checks into the salon (library) and then reads to the stylist while they comb and braid the child’s hair. Initially it was just going to be Lesh, five days a week, in the morning before school. But the demand was high.

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Courtesy Fallon County Times
Courtesy Fallon County Times

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