The latest Montana Talks interview with the subject of Yellowstone Valley Women Magazine's cover story sparked some heated responses from callers. Tricia Decker is a volunteer with Samaritans and she has set out food and water for illegal migrants crossing the border and desert. One caller said her work was “enabling” illegal border crossing. Another caller was spittin’ mad that Montana Talks gave a platform or condoned this humanitarian activity for people plainly breaking the law.

After the show, I thought about these callers and Tricia’s efforts, and a question came to mind. It is somewhat rhetorical, but it is also a serious inquiry.

Which would you prefer: these illegals being enabled to cross the desert, or these illegals dying in the desert?

Now, I can already hear one answer. I prefer they don’t cross our border in the first place! I agree that would be my preference, too. But that option is off the table once they have crossed over and are walking into our desolate countryside.

So, those two options are still there.

Which would you prefer? Which can you accept?

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