In case you missed our exclusive interview with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on our statewide radio talk show "Montana Talks," Zinke broke two pieces of news: 1. He's not planning to exit from the Trump Administration, and 2. He's not running for Montana governor in 2020.

I also like to see what news other media outlets picked up from the interview.

Here's a good one from Bloomberg News: Zinke Says He Loves His Job, Even With 2 A.M. Calls From Trump

“He’s a business guy, so he’ll call at 2 o’clock in the morning if he has a question and alls you got to do is your job,” Zinke said in an interview on “Montana Talks” radio show on Friday. “If you do your job, he supports you. He’s great to work for. I tell you, every time I’ve asked him for something he’s delivered.”


Here's my original post from Friday, which includes full audio with Secretary Zinke.

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